The objectorZ (from Ireland)

The objectorZ (from Ireland)

Postby Gary » Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:07 am

May as well post this on the new board too then.

"Cheap Trick or AC/DC crossed with Pegboy/Naked Raygun? Somewhere between hard rock (& roll) stuff and punk rock flittering around the heavier end of power pop .Some twin guitar action occasionally (you know they like a bit of Status Quo and Thin Lizzy) but staying under the 3 minute punk mark." Thanks for the description from Spoonful of Tar. This is as accurate description as you could want:

last few copies of the demo left,or,if you feel you want to,download it for free/pay as you want from bandcamp please do.

Thanks for your time.
Please read and share ,thanks.
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