Superchunk-The Paradise-Boston,MA-9/26/13

Superchunk-The Paradise-Boston,MA-9/26/13

Postby earthdog70 » Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:47 pm

A little late, but thought I would chime in:

Got to the venue around 8:40. Spider Bags came on about 9:05. They played about 45 minutes. They were decent. Some of their songs I dug, other not so much. Fairly entertaining.

10:10 and Superchunk came on. Full tilt and charging ahead. I thought Jason fit in well on bass. Heavy on the new record, but the crowd seemed to dig it. "Staying Home" really raged in particular. They played until about 11:30. "I Don't Belong" by Jerry's Kids was played in the encore, which was cool 8-)

The whole band was super tight, I really enjoyed the show. I should have been listening to more of this in the 90's, but I guess I was too busy listening to Alice In Chains :lol:

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